EHB 2013 Prizes


The Scientific and Organizing Committees of the 4-th IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on E-HEALTH AND BIOENGINEERING – „EHB 2013”, IaČ™i, Romania, Grigore T. Popa University of Medicine and Pharmacy, November 21st - 23rd, 2013, have the pleasure to offer the following prizes:



"ICT Solution for Assisted Diagnosis Based on Monitoring in Cardiology Departments"

Authors: Mihaela Marcella Crisan-Vida, Andrada Marcovici, Lacramioara Stoicu-Tivadar


Young Resercher – FIRST PRIZE

"Further Exploration of the Hybrid Fuzzy-Rough Dendritic Cell Immune Classifier"

Authors: Zeineb Chelly,  Zied Elouedi


Young Resercher – SECOND PRIZE

"A Computer Vision System that Ensure the Autonomous Navigation of Blind People"

Authors: Ruxandra Georgiana Tapu, Bogdan Cosmin Mocanu, Titus Zaharia


Young Resercher – THIRD PRIZE

"Automated Dynamic Bioreactor for 2D Endothelial Structures"

Authors: Roman Matejka, Jozef Rosina, Elena Filova, Jana Havlikova, Jaroslav Chlupac, Jana Stepanovska


Young Resercher – MENTION

"Monitoring of Pulmonary Embolism using Electrical Impedance Tomography: a Case Study"

Authors: Vladimir Sobota, Jan Suchomel


Young Resercher – MENTION

"Cloud Computing for Improved Healthcare: Techniques, Potential and Challenges"

Authors: Roma Chauhan, Amit Kumar


Young Resercher – MENTION

"A Novel  Solution for Tasks Management of Critical Telemedicine Mobile Equipment"

Authors: Vlad Valeanu, Vladimir Vasiliu, Mihaela Marin, Cristian Vizitiu, Alexandru Nistorescu



"The Antimicrobial Activity of Photodynamic Therapy Against Streptococci Species in Dental Biofilm Using Different Photosensitizers: an In-vitro Study"

Authors: Aurelia Spinei, Iurie Spinei